Miss Trimble's Trapdoor Children's Book Series (Review)

11/18/2009 11:45:00 AM

Let's talk about History.

You just fell asleep, didn't you?

Truth be told, I slept through most of my junior high and high school history classes. The only 2 years I didn't fall asleep were a. The year I had a really fun, down to earth teacher who made learning things like "The Preamble to the Constitution" fun, and b. My Freshman year of college when my professor dressed up in authentic Civil War garb trying to make us pay attention. I still love watching documentaries or learning anything I can about the Civil War today, and it's all because that professor was such a hoot.

Most kids don't like History. Why? Because they get a bunch of names and dates thrown at them that they have to memorize. There's no "oomph" behind it. Just names, dates, facts, and words that we're expected to remember for the rest of our lives. What happens is kids tend to memorize the facts long enough to take the test, and then it's forgotten.

History is important. Our children need to know when and why certain things happened. But how do we get them excited about learning something as boring as history?

We find tools that encourage learning while getting them excited about the topic at hand. And that's why I love the Miss Trimble's Trapdoor series so much.

As a homeschooling mom, I play the part of the teacher when it comes to History. Since I don't have authentic Civil War garb to dress up in, I have to find other ways to get creative when teaching the kids. I've found Miss Trimble's Trapdoor to be quite helpful.

We were sent 2 books to review. The first was Miss Trimble's Trapdoor. This book explained how Tyler, a boy who hates school and never seems to have the answers, finds his way through a secret trapdoor. With the help of a new-found friend, he discovers a basement filled with old books.

The second book was Miss Trimble's Trapdoor: The Perseverance of Christopher Columbus that sends Tyler traveling back in time to sail on board the Santa Maria with Christopher Columbus himself.

The Miss Trimble's Trapdoor series is geared for ages 6 - 12, so it was perfect for both Ashley and Zander. They were easy to read, and even though the main character was a boy, Ashley still really enjoyed the book. As she was reading The Perseverance of Christopher Columbus, she kept telling me facts about Columbus. It was great to hear her get excited about history and about how this land was discovered so long ago.

Zander enjoyed the books because of Tyler Thompson's (the main character in the books) friend inside the trapdoor. Both books held his attention the entire time, and he'd ask questions to learn more the whole way through.

I'm definitely excited about the Miss Trimble's Trapdoor series, and can't wait for the other books to release! These books are fantastic resources to have on hand in any household. If you are a history buff, or if your kids are struggling with History in school right now, definitely check out Miss Trimble's Trapdoor. I can't promise A's on every test, but I can say that my kids really, really enjoyed the books - and I did, too!

To purchase the Miss Trimble's Trapdoor series, you can purchase directly from the author (and receive a customized autograph from the author as well as a free bookmark), or you can purchase the books from Amazon.com (Book 1 and Book 2) or Barnes & Noble (Book 1 and Book 2).

Disclaimer: I was contacted by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists on behalf of the Miss Trimble's Trapdoor series. They sent both books to me in order to get my honest and candid review.

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