Another trip to the pediatric dentist.

3/26/2009 06:48:00 PM

This time, I left the girls with a sitter and took the boys down to the dentist. After all, it's a 2 hour trip, and I thought it would be better for Lucy if she wasn't stuck in the waiting room of the dental office.

On the ride down, I made promises to the boys. "If you'll be really good and let the dentist do her job, I'll take you to the toy store and you can pick out a new toy."

We got to the dentist's office and the boys stuck to me like glue. We sat down, and they called their name a few moments later. Neither one freaked out, so I figured the toy promise had worked.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not two minutes later, I hear Jace screaming at the top of his lungs. They tried for about 5 minutes to calm him down, but they couldn't even get him into the chair. The dental assistant came out to talk to me about sedation and why they thought it was the best route to go with Jace. I totally agreed.

While I was talking to Jace's dental assistant, Zander's assistant came out with a paper for me to sign. Zander was kicking and squirming like crazy, so they needed my permission to put him in a "papoose" and then brace his head and shoulders down. It was the only way they were going to get him to stay still and get any work done. I signed the paper and let them go ahead.

Almost an hour later, Zander came out with tears streaming down his face. He is bruised all over his shoulder and chest area because he fought and squirmed so much while in the brace. We decided that it would just be best to do sedation for him next time as well.

I almost wish we had just gone with sedation in the first place. What did all the trauma of today teach them aside from how scary the dentist can be?

I wish I could help them understand the importance of the dentist. Any tips or suggestions? I never had this problem with Ashley. She's always been so good for the dentist. In fact, on her last trip, the dentist told her she was their best patient in their office. Now how's that for a compliment?! I certainly didn't hear that about my boys today. Wish I could change that!
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6 Monkeys Commented - Leave your Comment!:

  1. Elizabeth said...

    Oh that sounds so terrible, I really feel for you. My son is this way with shots. He had to be strapped down to get a shot and have a big splinter removed from his foot. It completely freaked him out and shots have been an ordeal ever since. For dentistry I don't agree with the papoose ideal is almost certainly going to make things as bad if not worse the next time. I wonder if playing dentist would help. Have they told you what it is about the dentist that is so scary? You poor thing. It is so hard to watch your kids suffer.

  2. Cat@3KidsandUs said...

    Oh hun, I wish you had seen the 20/20 episode a few weeks ago about dentists and using the papoose on children. It can be so traumatizing for them.

    Unfortunately the sedation can also be a risky route, we just had a Chicago dentist sued because he oversedated a child and she died.

    I wish I had answers for you. The whole dentist experience is never fun as a child.

  3. The Stevens Family said...

    Holy cow, I'm so sorry! Yikes. I'm planning on taking Joshua to the dentist in a few weeks for his first real checkup, and now I'm scared! It might have a lot to do with the boys not knowing what to expect before they get there. I liked Elizabeth's suggestion of playing dentist before you go, and talking to them about exactly what will happen and why. Maybe they need to go and see Ashley during her appointment, watch what happens to her and see that she's not scared. Joshua has watched me at the dentist, and when I took him in because he chipped a tooth, he sat in that big chair and let the dentist look in his mouth with hardly a protest.

    Oh, big hugs to you and your boys. Must have been a tough day.

  4. Shannon said...

    I had a great pediatric dentist and I didn't act up or I knew I would be in trouble, as I got older though, and seen a adult dentist I had a bad experience and now, its one of my worst places to have to go! We got to take care of our teeth though, we only get one set. LOL!

  5. Sab said...

    I always loved the dentist as a child, and I would get TWO gifts to pick from their box of toys, plus of course the toothbrush and floss.
    I think it would be a good idea to let them see how their sister is at the dentist too. My brother hates sitting... period... but ever since seeing me go he wanted to sit in the 'big chair' and have the light on his teeth too. My sis was the same. Mom brought us all in at the same time, and it worked great.
    How is your dentist with the kids? Do they have a lot of kids go through their place? Some dentists are better with children than others.

  6. Lisa J. said...


    How come they had to go? Was it just for a cleaning or did they have cavities? Just curious, because depending on why they were there, my suggestions will be different. (Remember, Kailey is TERRIFIED of the dds!!!)

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