Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gum + Infant Hair = Sticky Mess

I handed Parker over to Ashley this afternoon so that I could run to the bathroom. I came back and found this huge clump of gunk in Parker's hair. At first I thought it was a spider, and I totally freaked out. (I don't like spiders.)

After I figured out it wasn't a spider, I asked her what happened. She said that Lucy climbed up on the couch beside her and bumped her. When Lucy bumped her, the gum in her mouth fell into Parker's hair. When she tried to get it out, it just made it worse.

I panicked, thinking that we were going to have to cut Parker's sweet hair. Then I remembered the Peanut butter trick - only I didn't want to expose Parker to peanut butter yet, even if it was just on his head and not in his mouth. I remembered how well canola oil had worked on his cradle cap, so I soaked the clump with canola oil, let it sit for 15 minutes, then used the brush and the sprayer on the kitchen sink to wash it out.

It slipped right out, and thank heavens you can't even tell there was gum in there. Whew!

So, Canola oil saves the day again! I should by stock in this stuff!

4 Super Cool Replies:

The Stevens Family said...

Hey, what a great idea! It probably made his hair all shiny too! :) Sounds like it's a miracle cure for a lot of things. Wonder if it works on diaper rash? Still looking for a good cure for that one...

Michelle said...

You should have taken pictures!

thanks for visiting my blog for the UBP.

I'm going to look at your blog a few minutes. I love that you have 5 kids too...I'm sure I'll find we have lots in common.

Sab said...

That is awesome! I use olive oil on my baby for her dry skin and it works wonders... so I used some on myself too. Other than smelling slightly of fried food, it's great!

Momma Snail said...

Oh, my! You are a genius for thinking of olive oil. I would have headed for the scissors! Now I will be prepared because I know for a fact that this will happen to us one day!