Friday, April 3, 2009

Protect America: Interactive Wireless Security Systems

I remember when Ashley and I first moved out of my parents' house. I was a young single mom, and I had never, ever been on my own. We moved into a cozy little townhouse, but it was on the ground floor. The back of our townhouse faced a small lake with a walking path. Our back door was these huge glass french doors, which would have been really easy for anyone to break into. I always hated when it got dark because you couldn't see if anyone was out there looking in. I was terrified that someone was going to break in and something was going to happen to Ashley or I.

If I had a wireless security system back then, I wouldn't have felt so uneasy about living alone.

Protect America has awesome security systems at very reasonable prices! I was browsing their different packages and came across the Silver package. For just $34.95 per month, and no installation fee, you get the following:

  • Talking Control Panel
  • 10 Entry Points
  • Internal Siren and Door Chime
  • Battery Backup
  • One Button Arming
  • 3 Window Decals
  • 1 Yard Sign
That's a great deal!

Plus, if you call 877-470-2751 to place your order, you also get 2 free keychain remotes.

How much is your peace of mind worth?


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sharan said...

wireless security system will give more security....


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