Monday, March 23, 2009

I hate to do this....

and I've actually debated for a very long time on whether I should say anything or not. But, after reading this post on Susan's blog, I figured it was time to say my peace.

In December, I won a contest at Mom to 3 Angels. The prize was for a custom hand-stamped necklace from Elli Noelle Designs. Now, I won't be linking to her etsy shop or her blog because she doesn't deserve any kind of linky love at all, but I will tell you that you can find links by going to this post on Jamie's blog. She also has a website now, and you can find that by doing a google search.

At first, the sponsor of the contest was impossible to get a hold of. I have 35 messages in my inbox between Jamie and I regarding this giveaway. Jamie was so sweet and so apologetic. It absolutely is NOT her fault. She did her best trying to make sure I received my prize. When we finally did get a hold of her, she had one excuse after the other. (Just like you'll find on her etsy shop and her blog.) It's been over 2 months since I've even heard from her, and over 3 months since I won the contest. On her blog she says, "I have many emails asking about my jewelry and what my plans are. Well a month ago i was getting ready to open my website however i have been on hold and i have not even checked that email box. So if your waiting on a response i'm sorry there has been a lot going on my life." Are you kidding me? I have 5 kids, and while I'm not perfect, I do my best to get to my clients in a very reasonable amount of time. ALWAYS. And if something happens, I contact them immediately, and give them a target deadline date (that is well within reason). Oh, and if you do find her website, it's open! She has items for sale on there, and not one word about "a lot going on" in her life. It all seems a little fishy, doesn't it?

I think that people need to be aware of this person and to be careful if she contacts them about doing a giveaway - or if they happen by her website.

Do I need the prize? Certainly Not! I actually offer hand-stamped jewelry on my designs website, and if my designer there didn't have what I wanted, I would go to Kristen's Custom Creations. Kristen does an amazing job, and she's fast and super pleasant to work with. She just had a cute piece in her shop that I thought would make the perfect gift for Ashley. So much for that!

My point to this post? Don't offer up a prize if you don't intend to follow through. And don't go shopping at Elli Noelle Designs.

4 Super Cool Replies:

The Stevens Family said...

Not cool at all. How on earth can you expect to run a successful business when you treat your customers like that? Unbelievable.

Dawn said...

That's awful...I bought the necklace that I sent to you from Kristen...she was awesome and the photo she sent me showing the necklace was beautiful. It's sad that some people suck like that.

Susan said...

Good for you. It feels good to just post about it and let it out. From a business standpoint I could never just ignore emails if I promised to sponsor a prize for a giveaway. It just blows me away how some people can be.

Candice said...

Thank you for the warning. People like this need to be called out, I think to many of us busy mommies want to but don't end up doing it. You are the busiest of us all and you took care of business! You rock! Call out all the liars!