Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's appointment....

Well, had another doctor's appointment today. The exciting part of the day was that Jace woke up with the stomach flu. Kinda throws a cramp into everything when one of the kids is sick.

But, I made it to my appointment unscathed. They did the normal stuff... urine test, iron test (ouch!), blood pressure, weight..... everything looks good. I still haven't gained any weight at all, and I think I can thank not having an appetite for that!

I mentioned to the doc about the horrible pressure in the pelvic area, and the awful back pain. She welcomed me to my fifth pregnancy! ;) She said that because all of the tendons are so stretched out, it causes that pressure a pain in the pelvic/lower back area.

When she went to listen to the heartbeat, she discovered that my uterus is growing just fine, it's just really low, causing baby to be very low. This also accounts for a lot of the pain. The heartbeat wasn't too hard to find, and it was nice and strong. It stayed between 151 - 162.

I go back in 4 weeks and then we'll set up *the* ultrasound and the meeting with the high risk OB.

Gene and I are planning on using some of our Stimulus Payment on a 3D/4D ultrasound, and hope to have that done in the next few weeks. (You have to be 16 weeks along.) I'll let you know as soon as we have it scheduled!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ohhh! My aching back!!

So, today was GORGEOUS. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Honestly. It was 70* and just as sunny as sunny could be.

We had to go to the grocery store anyway, so I packed the kids up in the car and headed off. We stopped at Wendy's first, asked if there was a park nearby with a playground, put some gas in the car (eep!), and then headed off to the park.

We found some little picnic tables and ate our lunch. My back started to twinge a little bit, but I am getting old, and it does do that. I didn't think twice about it.

After finishing our lunch, we headed over to the playground. Wouldn't you know it? There were 5 benches. Each bench contained ONE person and all their crap. Not one person offered to move or allow the big fat pregnant woman to sit down. (I just love people.) The longer I stood there, the more my back started to hurt. There wasn't much I could do, I just prayed that some loser would finally get off a bench or at least give me enough room to park my hiney.

After almost half an hour, the jerk on the cell phone finally got up, got his kid, and left. I moved the little stroller and my butt over to the bench and sat down. (On the END of the bench, mind you, with plenty of room for 2 - 3 more people.)

I let the kids play for quite some time, because they were having such a blast, and because I *knew* the fresh air would help them all sleep better tonight. I was in no hurry to get to the grocery store.

When it was time to go, I made the mistake of putting Lulu in her stroller before I got us off the mulch. I ended up having to lift the stroller, obviously not doing good things for my back. It didn't hurt at all at first. We got to the car unscathed, and drove to the grocery store.

Ashley asked if we could stop at the dollar store and get her some new flip flops since it was right next door to the grocery store. I thought that was fine, and got out of the car. All of a sudden, every step I made hurt like heck! I hobbled to a cart, had Ash put Lucy in, and pushed the cart through the store, wincing with every step.

We got her flip flops and headed over to the grocery store. I swapped carts for a bigger one, but I still could barely move. We moved as quickly as we could through the store and spent WAY less money than I had planned to. All I knew was I had to get out.

We got to the checkout line, and a dear friend of ours (who happens to be the store manager) was there. He could see that I was hurting, so he carried Lucy out to the van and put all the groceries in the trunk for me.

What an absolute nightmare, though. I am still hurting SO badly, and I can't sit or stand or walk without this awful, awful pain.

I am 11 WEEKS PREGNANT. If my back is already hurting this badly, how on earth will I make it through the next 29 weeks?!?!?!

I just want to cry. If anyone has any tips on what to do for a bad back, I'd really appreciate it. This is just awful.

Sorry to whine. It's been a heck of a day!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Appointment

On Wednesday (April 2nd), I had another appointment. This was the "fun" appointment, so I really had no desire to post about it. Sorry!

The doc did tell me that the ultrasound a few weeks ago showed that I had a small tear in my uterus. Apparently when the baby attached to the side of the uterine wall, it tore a bit. It's nothing of concern at all, but it does account for the slight bleeding I had a few weeks ago. She's confident that it will heal itself with no problem. She did also say that the baby looks perfect. Nothing of concern there yet at all!

She did the other normal stuff.... pap smear, std tests, all the fun things they're required to do.

That's it. I go back on April 30th. Sorry there's nothing exciting to report, but sometimes no news is good news!