Sunday, April 5, 2009

Problems with Lucy's teeth.

Just what I need. More dental problems.

For those that don't know, Lucy is still using a pacifier. I have tried and tried and tried to get rid of this silly thing, but if she doesn't have it, she doesn't sleep. At all.

Well, Lucy and I were making funny faces yesterday, and I noticed that she cannot put her top and bottom teeth together. Her canine teeth hit each other, and it leaves a huge space between her front top and bottom front teeth. How I never noticed this before, I have no idea.

I'm not sure how urgent this is. I don't know if it justifies calling the doctor and scheduling an appointment, or if I should call the pediatric dentist and see if they'll let me bring her in, even though she's not 3.

I feel like such a horrible mother. I should have broken her from this pacifier ages ago - just like I did with all my other kids. Now I'm reaping the consequences, and unfortunately those consequences are affecting Lulu's mouth.

Does anyone have any been-there-done-that advice? I've tried forcing her to go for days without her paci, but she absolutely will not sleep and is a beast. What do I do?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

my only suggestion is just take it away, it may take a while but she will get over it. That is what I had to do with my second son and his bottle! Now I have a four year old who sucks her thumb and I can't get rid of it like a paci, now I'm wishing I would have have gave her a paci instead of letting her such her thumb!
Maybe try rewarding her through out the day and letting her know she is doing a great job without it.

Dolfindancer said...

I don't know if you watch Supernanny. But she has a thing where you would have Lucy gather up all her paci's for the paci fairy to take to the new babies that need them. And the paci fairy leaves something for her in return (like a small book or game.)

Dolfindancer said...

Dawn said...

I agree with Dolfindancer. We did this with both Frankie and Nicholas and they never ONCE asked for it again. The "Choochie Fairy" left them a toy in exchange for the choochie, which she took to a poor family. They were both just about 3 when she visited.

Good luck. Julian treats his choochie like heroin. "MUST.HAVE.CHOOCHIE!" Most of the time, he has one in his mouth and at least one in his hands. He is a true addict.

Natalie said...

Yep, it's just gonna have to go. Lauren had hers the longest, till a little after she turned 2. We were always losing them, unable to find one when we needed it, and it was just time. We had some issues for a little while with bedtime, but we got through it. With all of the others, we took it away a little after they turned 1. Well, except Kyle, who discovered his fingers at 3 months and STILL sucks on them to this day. The pacifier was pretty much a non-issue for him from 3 months on. Now, if someone can tell me how get him to stop sucking on those fingers...

I know it's going to be no fun at all, but really, what else can you do? She's going to have to learn to sleep without it. I don't know whether it will affect how her permanent teeth come in or not, that is something you will have to talk to the dentist about. Maybe you could just call the office and talk to someone without having to bring her in. Or just have them take a look at her next time you have to take the boys.

The paci fairy thing is worth a shot.

Heather L. said...

Angie, I don't have any experience w/pacis - none of my kids have taken one. Emily still sucks her thumb! Anyway, I don't think it's a dental emergency, but I would definitely take her in the next time the boys have to go. Emmy started going to the dentist at age 2, so it's never too early. BTW, I posted a question over on the M2M board, and I'd love your input - please stop by if you get a chance! Thanks girl!!!

Lisa J. said...

A tried and true tip from a parent and pediatrician.

Make a small slit in the tip of each one of the nipples. When she tries to suck, it's going to cave in and won't work right. Do it to ALL of them.

My sister's ped told her to do this with my nephew and it worked like a charm.

I think that you probably haven't had any permanent damage to her bite, yet. But it's getting pretty important that you get rid of them or there will be braces in her future.

She will eventually sleep--just like about everything else with little ones, this too shall pass.

(((((HUGS)))) Angie.


Jenn Rogers said...

Paci fairy..awesome concept. Make a big deal about being a big girl and help her let go. You HAVE to be firm. No matter how uncomfortable it is, or the nights that are rough, you show her you mean it she WILL accept it. She will only push you as far as she knows you will go. I know it's tough girlfriend, but you HAVE to be firm. Period. Easier said than done, but I have indeed been there done that. I was able to do it, and I was a strong and firm Mama...however, I shed almost as many tears (in private of course!). Be strong. Go with lack of sleep for a few nights ( I know I know, the other kids, your sanity, not to mention your business), BUT that will be it. No more struggle. She is testing you. You are mom. Be firm. Love and comfort her, but say no. I feel for ya honey, I do! Been there done that. Chase is next...when it's time it's time. He's my baby, my last, so it may be even harder this go round!

PS got your email about Buy By Mom, gonna get on that in the am!

Love you!

Jennifer said...

My son Lucas used a pacifier until he was almost three and also had a bad bite from the pacifier. We put all his 'binkies' in a box and had his decorate it for the "Binky Fairy". She would take the binkies to the babies that needed them. She left him a special gift inside the box and took the binkies away. That way he had someone else to blame and he knew they were helping someone else. Worked great and his teeth straightened out by themselves. Don't worry, it's only hard for a night or two. It only gets harder the longer you wait. She's old enough to be part of the solution and feel good about helping someone else.

Candice said...

Take it away. She will eventully sleep! She won't go through life not sleeping silly! Just like a kid won't starve if you serve them healthy foods! Who is in control of this situation, you or your toddler? You may lose some sleep for a little while but it is better than her having an expensive orthodontia bill!